Acrylic Wall Mounted Sign Holders

Our wall mounted sign holders are perfect for holding certificates, paper signs, photos, posters, memos, and much more. They’re an ideal choice for anywhere signage is needed, such as classrooms, conference rooms, offices, and warehouses.

Made from toughened acrylic plastic, they’re crack and scratch resistant, designed for long term use, and suitable for any environment.

The pack includes two different mounting methods: velcro straps to easily attach and detach the holder to a wall, door, or machinery, ideal for when the sign needs to be changed regularly, and strong double sided tape to permanently attach a sign to any flat surface.

Each individual sign holder comes with four strips, two pieces of velcro and two pieces of super adhesive tape, offering maximum versatility to suit all needs.

Our durable, functional sign holders come in standard paper size (8.5 x 11”) to make it easy to print a sign from a home or work printer. They’re designed to keep a firm grip on paper so it will stay put both in landscape and portrait orientation.

We strongly believe in the quality of our products. So we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

pack of 3

Made From 4MM thick Toughened acrylic

Mounting Methods

Each sign holder comes with 4 strips for mounting (2 x velcro & 2 x adhesive tape). It's up to you choose how you want to mount them.

velcro mounting

Adhesive mounting

orientation options

The sign holders are designed so that they can be attached to the wall in either Portrait or Landscape orientation. You paper will not fall out.

Portrait Orientation

Landscape Orientation